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Welcome to Gears of War 4’s Ranked Play Hub, your home for all the latest information on the currently active Ranked Season.

Ranked Season 3 has arrived – the table has been set, placements have returned and the grind to place better than last Season begins once more.

Read on for a rundown of the Ranked Season 3 rewards, our new Diamond Tiers and our guide for finding the best way to play around the world.

New Diamond Tiers

In Season 3, you won’t just be fighting to reach Diamond to prove your place among the best players in Gears. This Season, Diamond is now split into 5 Tiers that provide a better reflection of your skill level in this prestigious tier.

The highest starting placement is Diamond 1, so even last Season’s best players will have to grind and consistently win to make it to Diamond 5 – also known as Diamond Master. Diamond 5 will be an extremely limited group of players, and only the best of the best will earn the right to call themselves Diamond Masters!

Beginning with the Season Rollover, you’ll be able to track your progress through these new Tiers via our GearsofWar.com stats page (available ~12pm PT on January 18th). In-game, we’ll be showing your specific Diamond Tier a little later than planned once we roll out our February Update (currently slated for early February).

Season Rewards

Season Rewards are once again up for grabs in Season 3 alongside the new addition of the prestigious Diamond Master Emblem, exclusively for the most elite players in the world.

As always, your highest lifetime placement in a playlist is what counts for Rewards – not where you ended the Season. For example, if you were Diamond in TDM but finished the season in Onyx, you’ll still earn the Diamond weapons for TDM.

Here’s the Weapon Skin Reward rotation for Season 3:


Team Deathmatch: Gnasher, Retro Lancer, Torque Bow

King Of The Hill: Longshot, Enforcer, Snub

Dodgeball: Boomshot, Overkill

Guardian: Markza, Hammerburst


Escalation: Lancer, Dropshot, EMBAR

Execution: Boltok, Hammerburst


Place in Diamond 5: Diamond Master Emblem



For Season 2, placement rewards will be rolling out in the near future. Stay tuned to @GearsofWar for news on the rewards rollout. Here's a recap of the weapon skin rotation for placements during Season 2:


Team Deathmatch: Hammerburst, Enforcer

King Of The Hill: Gnasher, Snub

Dodgeball: Longshot, Boltok

Guardian: Dropshot, Retro Lancer

Arms Race: Boltok, Overkill

Warzone: Markza Mk. 1, EMBAR 


Escalation: Boomshot, Torque Bow

Execution: Lancer, Snub

Additionally, we will be rolling out the missing Season 0 Onyx Emblem in the near future!

Matchmaking Guide

We hear your feedback on Quality of Service Matchmaking - from long matchmaking waits in certain playlists (especially in low population regions and/or those far away from other regions) to difficulty finding a match at certain times of the day.

In the meantime, here is a guide that recommends the times and playlists to play for the best matchmaking experience in all regions. The times and modes shown below are not the only times to play – they’re just an indicator on when and where the most Gears games are being played in each region.

Of course we continue to look at our QoS tuning and are evaluating how we can improve the overall experience for the majority of our players around the world. Know that we are currently discussing this at the studio and assessing any potential next steps we may make.



Peak Times
5pm – 9pm PT (West US)
7pm – 11pm CT (Central US)
8pm – 12pm ET (East US)

Recommended Modes

  • Core King of the Hill
  • Core TDM
  • Core Dodgeball
  • Social



Peak Times
6pm – 11pm CST (Mexico)
10pm – 1am BRST (Brazil)

Best Modes

  • Core King of the Hill
  • Core TDM
  • Core Guardian
  • Social



Peak Times
8pm – 12pm GMT (UK)
9pm – 1am CET (Paris, Berlin)

Recommended Modes

  • Core King of the Hill
  • Core TDM
  • Social



Peak Times
7pm - 11pm CST/AWST (China / Australia)
10pm – 1am Sydney (Australia)

Recommended Modes

  • Social


Ranking System Explained

We know Ranks can sometimes be confusing – whether it’s your percentage not moving on the website tracker or a surprise promotion, we know you have a lot of questions.

To help lift the veil on this complex system, here’s a breakdown on what Ranks are in Gears of War 4, how we use them, and how to improve your Ranking.


Behind-the-scenes Gears of War 4 uses an improved version of the TrueSkill algorithm invented by the Microsoft Research team to discern a player's rank. We display this in-game as a visible Rank from Bronze Rank through Diamond Rank.

So what is TrueSkill? It’s a behind the scenes representation of your abilities formed by two numbers – a Skill Rating and a Confidence Rating.

Estimated Skill Rating: Your current relative skill in comparison to the other players in the playlist.

Confidence Rating: The system’s current degree of confidence in its ability to accurately assess your skill rating.

Simply put, TrueSkill considers both your current skill rating and its confidence in that rating to determine your overall skill. As you win and lose matches, TrueSkill will use and update both numbers in tandem to determine your overall ability level.

If you are winning and losing almost equally, your Estimated Skill Rating will not move much, but the system will become more confident in your placement as it means your skill matches are pretty balanced. Tip more towards wins or losses, and your Estimated Skill Rating will shift towards a more accurate reflection of your skill.


In Gears of War 4, the first thing to know is the system evaluates your skill on a round-based basis, both from a win/loss standpoint AND personal performance. How you win and perform every round is as important as winning the overall match. The players that win more rounds than they lose end up winning games more than they lose. This also means that how close a game is matters a lot. Winning 7-0 is much better for your skill rating than winning 7-6.

Skill Matchups
Matchmaking in ranked playlists will always attempt to find an even match for users, slowly expanding the search to wider skill ranges over time. We will always attempt to find a group of similar skillset, especially when matchmaking in a pre-made group.

At the start of the game, TrueSkill predicts the outcome of each round in the match. One team will be predicted to win, and the other to lose.

If you win a match you are expected to win, you will get smaller gains to your Skill rating. Conversely, if you lose a match you are expected to lose, you will lose a minimal amount of Skill rating.

To get promoted, you’ll need to consistently win against people of similar or higher skill. Any time you also defy the expectations of the system (such as winning a match you were expected to lose), the impact to your Skill Rating will be larger. The size of the differential in Skill Values between both teams will increase or decrease the effect.

Play For Every Round
Even when your opponents seem insurmountable, playing for every round can make all the difference. Although we systems runs the calculation after the match is over, every round you win or lose along the way is considered and makes a difference to your Skill Rating.

Winning an Escalation match 7-0 will result in better gains than winning 7-6. The same is true for losing, where every round you can win results in a reduced negative impact on your Skill Rating – or potentially none at all.

Additionally, your individual performance is assessed on a round-by-round basis. Consistently playing well will help improve or reduce the impact to your Skill Rating depending on the result. Kills, score and objective play all count towards this. Each mode uses a different set of weights to measure individual contributions to create the most accurate skill prediction possible.

If you lose a player during Ranked Play, keep fighting. If you perform well or win one or two rounds, you will have a positive impact on your Skill Rating!


As the system becomes more confident in your ability, it will place you in the correct Rank for your Skill Level. Our Ranking System is designed to place people in a Tier that reflects their Skill, and so sometimes, you may find yourself sticking to a particular placement if you aren’t improving or performing worse than usual.

Ranking Calculations occur in the cloud, so there will be a delay from the end of the match to when the game’s interface will reflect any Rank changes.  This also applies to our Stats website.  We recommend checking a couple times a day to see where you are landing in your tiers placement.

Playlist Updates

With Season 3, we took the opportunity to review our playlists in everything from player participation to matchmaking times to time played.

Following this review, we have removed Arms Race and Warzone as Core game modes (both are still available in Social and Private play). We have also added some additional modes to Competitive Warmup based on fan feedback.

You can learn more about these changes here.